ADRIA DAWN (actor / arts educator / producer) has a growing resume of over forty film and television credits. After many years in Los Angeles, working on both coasts and regionally, she offers a vast knowledge and understanding of the audition process, self-marketing and promotion, and what it really takes to make it in the entertainment business. She has been coaching and educating actors and creative professionals for years, and it is a passionate joy for her. 

Walking in the same shoes as the clients she coaches, Adria brings an intimate, nurturing level of honesty into the room, achieving optimum results. Adria specializes in helping theatre trained actors find the right level of focus and energy for camera work. She emphasizes specificity, objectives, truth, and joy. She has been a guest speaker at Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Loyola University, Camp Hollywood in Portland, Oregon, Southside School, Champaign IL and has spoken at talent agencies and private workshops as well. She also teaches “Self Management for Artists” and “Oral Communications and Public Speaking” at Columbia College Chicago.

Some career highlights include originating the role of April Tuna on the WB’s cult hit Popular, created by Glee’s Ryan Murphy, for which she was nominated as “Gutsiest Woman on Television,” by Jane Magazine; as well as recurring roles on Nip/Tuck (another Ryan Murphy creation,) NCIS, Seventh Heaven, and Felicity. Other guest starring roles include My Name is Earl, Campus Ladies, and Help Me Help You.  She also stars in her own webseries, Dorkumentary, that she produces with her award-winning production company Tarleton/Dawn Productions.

“As a professional actor and coach, I strive for excellence in my own work and with my students. I help my students find their own unique voice. All you’ve got is yourself to use, and you are enough.”

Education: BFA in Acting, with honors, University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign; Second City, Chicago; Andrew Benne Improv Studio, Los Angeles; Los Angeles Writer’s Center; Steve Scott, Chicago.

Education: BFA in Acting, with honors, University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign; Second City, Chicago; Andrew Benne Improv Studio, Los Angeles; Tim Phillips, Los Angeles; Los Angeles Writer’s Center; Steve Scott, Chicago.

What people are saying about Adria Dawn:

"Adria Dawn has been my acting coach in Los Angeles for over seven years. I came to her as an extremely green amateur, not even knowing what it meant to "hit a mark". With her vast experience, guidance, and knowledge of the entertainment business and the craft of acting, I have evolved into an educated, professional, and disciplined working actor."

"Adria helped me to discover my inner voice and become more confident which allowed me to make strong character choices in my auditions and performances."

"During my coaching sessions with Adria, I discovered she has the unique ability to see between the lines and get to the heart/humanity/soul of the character and the scene. This powerful insight is something I take into the audition room with me. And it sets me apart from the rest of my competition."

"With her coaching and guidance I have booked the following: Films: Bassackward, A Norwegian Lunch, Little Black Boot (Official Selection Sundance Film Festival), Haunted Mansion, The Un-Normal, Austin Powers in Goldmember. Television: Wizards of Waverly Place, Root of All Evil, Blue Collar TV, Charmed, Boston Public"
Anthony Woods (actor)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Adria Dawn as a fellow actor and I have also used her coaching skills in preparation for several auditions. She is a true professional in every aspect of the business and her drive and work ethics are unmatched. Adria’s coaching skills are gentle, yet firm, and she is flexible, yet practical. Because she trained in a variety of methods, she can tailor her coaching to fit the actor’s individual needs. Having worked as long as she has in the competitive Los Angeles market, she has a keen sense of the business and how the casting process works. I would highly recommend her as a positive addition to any curricular program, or to any actors in need of a top-notch coach."
Cherise Sylverstri (actress)

"Adria’s compassion and intelligence allows her to help people on getting them to the next level. Her determination is unconditional and she is a gem to work with."
Luke Primeau (actor)

"I have followed Adria Dawn’s work for a decade and have been fortunate enough to work with her as well. She is by far the most versatile and courageous actor I know. Yet, so humble. She is also quick to offer her support and encouragement to help fellow actors match her depth as an artist. She has no limits! She can be sophisticated, trashy, eccentric and dorky all in the same moment. How? Only she has the answer to that – and that’s why there is only ONE Adria Dawn Superstar."
Jennifer Slimko (actress/host/fitness guru)